A safe and secure environment with dedicated staff and proper supervision at all times.


A well-structured program that balances fun, education, and character development.


An opportunity for your kids to unplug from screens & connect with nature, form friendships and build their self-confidence.

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 Enroll Your Child To Our Holiday camp 

Where Kids Create Memories that Last a Lifetime!

 Our holiday camp promises to be the highlight of your child’s year, offering a magical blend of thrilling outdoor activities, captivating workshops, and meaningful connections with new friends. Contact us for upcoming camps. 

“The caring staff and engaging curriculum make every day an exciting adventure…” “Heartboro Kids' commitment to safety, cleanliness, and learning excellence is unparalleled…” “The staff goes above and beyond to create a nurturing environment where learning and play go hand in hand.”

A Happy Place Where Smiles Light Up the Day

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We believe that a happy child is a thriving child. Laughter and joy fill our classrooms and playgrounds, as children embark on exciting adventures with their friends. Seeing your child’s eyes sparkle with happiness is a reward beyond measure, and it’s what motivates us to create an environment where smiles are the order of the day.

We do the work of taking care of your child while you focus on doing your job.

Give your child the gift of a lifetime – a nurturing, stimulating, and joyful experience at Heartboro Kids.